The reason why design conception cannot be drawn.

The reason why design conception cannot be drawn.

In the era of "Things manufacturing", it was called "specifications*", "design conception*", "design information*", which may not be unified to one name among industries and companies, quite a few people may not be familiar with it.

"Great manufacturing country" Japan.
What was remained in Japan until when it was called Japan as No. 1 and lost today? That is "Design conception".The "Design conception" includes design information that is a system of information and knowledge for making things, and design quality that how much the design information satisfies needs of living people? so that it can be the guideline for commercialization and clarifies Why, What and How. The ability to draw the "Design conception" is equal to the ability to develop new things without any base, fundamentals, information or tips.

Why the design conception has been unable to be drawn out?

Has the flow itself no longer existed and even the drawing got unnecessary before it has been impossible?

reason01 Why What “How” to make?

1.As result of placing profits prior to the others too much as manufacturers, we have not cared WHAT and WHY but focused only on HOW. Eventually, only HOW remained. If rationalization could be something to throw away, we might have abandoned thinking about WHY and WHAT.

reason02 Rationalization Division of work

2.As result of rationalizing HOW, division of work has been developed. In the meantime, segmentation of engineers’ skills has also developed.

resaon03 Overseas EMS manufacturers

3.At the end of things manufacturing era, prices plummet went rapidly and the manufacturing shifted to overseas EMS manufacturers (including OEM and ODM) conspicuously. Consequently, the main work has also shifted to the operation of the overseas EMS manufacturers rather than the design work as the engineer, which has led to the decline of development.

reason04 Use of turnkey solution

4.Manufacturers have begun to seek for concrete solutions or turnkey solutions from devices manufacturers, and the structure that the devices manufacturers have responded to them, which has led the decline of engineers’ skills in development has become such that device manufacturers respond to them, so the skills of engineers in products manufacturers furthermore. On the other hand, the engineering skills of devices manufacturers have not reached to the original level of products manufacturers despite of their efforts.

Those 4 major factors can be thought. The design conception disappeared in the flow at “1”, and neither the opportunity nor the skill to draw it has been lost through the processes of 2, 3 and 4.On the other hand, the time has shifted to Matters production, and the literacy to draw the design conception that can be the basis of Matters production is required.


Specifications / Design conception / Design information
The all meanings are same. Which is used is depending on companies. It may be seemed to apply only for technical issues. But the word represents how merchandises are planned and what devices are applied to the production adopting what technologies and key devices? in addition to contents for “Business models”.Return to the text ↑