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Sanko Electric has been operating for more than 65 years since its foundation in 1951 under the company slogan “To provide technologies that are trusted and satisfied by customers”. We started the business from sales of electrical materials when the company was founded and expanded the business field to manufacturer of wire harnesses and electronic substrates, etc. As result of working on electronic equipment manufacturing business by the technology development accompanied with the customers, we have been pleased to produce parts for electronic equipment including electric components used for cold apparatus, machine tool, medical equipment, automobile and motorcycle, and contribute to the society consequently. The global environment and energy can be major issues to be worked out in 21st century. In order to realize better and vibrant era where children can have dreams, Sanko Electric shall gather the collective powers of the Group to grapple with the issues in the new era so as to aim at the further technical development and high-quality products. We would be most grateful if you could keep on giving us warm supports and guidance from now on too.l

Hironori Saigusa, Representative Director


Technologies to make people happy

On another better Creativity

With progressive spirit, we shall create new values for customers.

On another better Enthusiasm

We shall endeavor to work hard aggressively with prides and value passionate hearts.

On another better Sincerity

We shall endeavor to understand customers and devote ourselves for the works and services with customer-oriented standpoint.



  • 1. Respect customers’ demands prior to anything else and contribute to the society with better products.
  • 2. Value creativity, spirit and dignity.
  • 3. Get together for endeavors always and try to improve prosperity and welfares.


  • Don’t pursue corporate scale but focus on business contents.
  • Aim at independent business development on our own.
  • Foster courageous employees who can challenge creation and development.
  • Dedicate ourselves to development, nurturing and devolution of unique technologies.
  • Desire to reinforce the tradition of Sanko Group
    by succeeding the technology of our predecessors
    and passing them on to our successors.


Corporate name Sanko Electric Co., Ltd.
Capital JPY97 million
Foundation 1st November, 1951
Representative Hironori Saigusa, Representative Director
Head office location 456-0025 JAPAN 
7-23, Tamanoicho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Pref.
Factory location
  • Mie Factory
  • 511-0411 Japan 
    568-5 Hokuseichokyoganoshinden, Inabe City, Mie Pref.
Affiliated Companies
  • Delta Plus Co., Ltd.(Official Website)
  • Sanko Electronics America, Inc.
  • Sanko Electronics Mexico S.A. de C.V.
  • Sanko Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Sanko Electronics Cambodia, Co., Ltd.
  • Sanko Electronica Sales de Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V
  • Sanko Electronica Sales de México S. de R.L. de C.V Guanajuato Branch
  • Changzhou Sanko Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Foshan Sanko Electronics Trading Co., Ltd.(SEFC)
Major Customers
  • Brother Industries, Ltd
  • Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd.
  • Nabtesco Corporation
  • Takeuchi Techno Co., ltd.
  • Others (In alphabetical order)


November, 1951 Seiji Saigusa founded Sanko Electric Trading Company to purpose wholesale of electric materials in Taishocho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City.
January, 1959 Established Sanko Electric Co., Ltd. with capital of JPY1 million.
September, 1961 Moved head office to the current location from Nakamura-ku.
September, 1964 Started manufacturing wire harness and electric equipment.
July, 1975 Akio Saigusa assumed Representative Director & President
October, 1985 Acquired factory site for 21,860 sq.m2 in Hokuseichokyoganoshinden, Inabe City, Mie Pref.
January, 1988 Established Delta Plus Co., Ltd. (in Toincho, Inabe County, Mie Pref.)
June, 1988 Established Sanko Electronics America, Inc.
August, 1989 Completed building Mie Factory and started the operation.
December, 1994 Established Sanko Electronics America, Inc. Charleston Branch
January, 1997 Moved Sanko Electronics America, Inc. to Torrance, California State along the production expansion.
May, 2006 Established Sanko Electronics America, Inc. Detroit Branch
May, 2009 Established Sanko Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Akio Saigusa became Representative Director & Chairman of the Board and Hironori Saigusa assumed Representative Director & President
August, 2013 Established Sanko Electronica (Mexico) S.A. de C.V.
August, 2013 Established Changzhou Sanko Electric Co., Ltd.
May, 2014 Akio Saigusa became Director & Advisor
March, 2017 Established Sanko Electronics (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
February, 2018 Established Sanko Electronica Sales de Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.
May, 2018 Established Takayama Factory of Delta Plus Co., Ltd.
January, 2019 Established Sanko Electronica Sales de México S. de R.L. de C.V. Guanajuato Branch
January, 2019 Established Foshan Sanko Electric Trading Co., Ltd.
October, 2021 Merged Sanko Electronics America, Inc. and Charleston BranchとDetroit Branch,Established Ohio Branch in Powell, Ohio
December, 2021 Moved Sanko Electronics America, Inc.(Headquarter in North America) to San Diego, California State
December, 2021 Merged Sanko Electronica (Mexico) S.A. de C.V.(1st Factory) and 2nd Factory