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Realization and establishment of smart factory

Realize next-generation production site by visualizing various information such as production progress, production tact time and defects in-process.

Realization and establishment of smart factory

Advanced Bi tools to support
production site

Sanko Electric has started monitoring the production progress in real-time since its early with the production system using IoT.
Available to respond to various kinds of customers’ requirements with high quality.


Mounting parts preparation


Mounting process

Surface mount production management system

Based on the daily production plan, input the procedure from the setup before the mounting to the start-to-finish of the production with the mounting machine (Start/Finish) on a tablet. With this procedure, the progress vs. the production plan can be grasped in real time and visually per each mounting machine. Also, it can compose the data on daily production results per each mounting machine, daily operation rate and setup speed rate per each operation staff to contribute to improvement of the productivity in the mounting process.

Surface mount production management system

Mounting inspection

Process management system

Manual insertion process

Manual insertion process management system

Realize the accurate setup works in the setup process by the instruction for the necessary parts and the appropriate set position from a tablet.
In the actual manual insertion work, the works instructions are displayed on each dedicated touch monitor even in the simultaneous works by multiple staffs. In addition, it can compose the data for the actual production tact times from the production start to its end per each production to aim at the works efficiency and realize high-quality works.


Visual Inspection

Process management system

Environment which can input the defect data in process only with barcode scanning and tapping operation using a tablet has been arranged. This can help reduce the recording time drastically and realize paperless. The accumulated defect data is analyzed immediately and fed back to the next production process.

Process management system
Process management system tablet

Manual insertion process inspection


Assembly process

Assembly management system

Daily production instructions are conveyed directly to tablets the work staffs have on their hand. The staffs start the operations according to the displays on the tablets. Also, the correlation with the boards to be used is confirmed by the tablets as well to prevent incorrect assembly in advance. Furthermore, the system is used for work time to be converted into data so as to improve quality and work efficiency day by day.

NG parts
NG board management system

Any problems that cannot be resolved in the actual production site are automatically delivered to the analysis bases through the NG SYSTEM. The bases grasp the defect information based on the detailed information sent immediately and instruct how to react to the production site. This system is used for reducing the response time significantly and improving the quality.

To 05 Visual Inspection

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